Chinese Street Food - A Simple Guide

12 Jan

When I was first abroad, I wasn't aware of all the street foods that China is so famous for. Actually, found myself just missing Chinese food even when I was home in the States more recently. Sure, there are hot dogs, noodles, and other treats in large American cities such as New York and Chicago, which are perhaps even more popular than the average Chinese restaurant. What I love about Chinese restaurants is that they are usually very affordable. I also enjoy the fact that they are so quick to deliver. When you have Chinese food delivered to your door, it is that much better! Acquire more details about this company here. 

The reason I love Chinese street food so much is because of the large selection of foods. From me personally, there are five things I absolutely love about Chinese food: the freshness of the ingredients, the heat from the ingredients, the variety of ingredients, and the overall atmosphere of the Chinese restaurant or bistro itself. I don't mean just the look and atmosphere, but the actual location itself. It doesn't have to be somewhere expensive and trendy if it is not well lit or has a fancy and warm restaurant ambiance. For me, Chinese street food is all about those five things.

In fact, it can get really confusing trying to figure out which Chinese street food is right for you and your family. You have to watch what you are putting into your mouth, whether it is hot or cold, and make sure it is paired well with certain types of food or condiments. If you're looking for a nice Asian-inspired lunch or dinner menu, then you definitely want to consider the variety of Chinese foods. Chinese street foods come in so many varieties that you will never be bored. Here are some of my favorites: view here for more information about the best Chinese street food online restaurants. 

*Noodle Soups - Chinese street foods are filled with vegetables, meats, noodles, sauces, vegetables, starches, sauces, and other interesting ingredients. You can try noodles like Chinese noodles, wheat noodles, buckwheat noodles, or udon noodles. Some people prefer Chinese noodles and Japanese sushi, while other people enjoy Thai or Indian street foods.

*Soups - Chinese street foods also include various types of soup. You can go with the classic herb and spice soups, or you can choose from hot and sour, beef and broccoli, and even bean soups. The type of soup you decide to order depends on what style of food you are having, and who you are dining with. Some Chinese restaurants serve only dim sum, while others have a full range of different types of soups to choose from. Chinese street foods also vary on how they season their soups. Some Chinese restaurants will sprinkle hot chili flakes over the top of their steamed vegetables, while other restaurants will use small pieces of meat in their soups.

Of course, there is one type of Chinese street food that is absolutely universal. It is called the hot and sour soup. There are dozens of different recipes for hot and sour, but one of the most popular versions is hoisin sauce. There are literally hundreds of recipes for hot and sour, but the original version is typically a thick vinegar soup that is made by mixing vinegar and sour cream in a large stock pot and heating it up until the sour cream begins to foam, then slowly adding the boiling water to it, stirring constantly. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic:

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